Friday, 6 November 2015

Secondary impacts of melting Arctic sea ice: Did you know all 7 of them?

In my view, TEDx videos are such a great way to spread the word of scientific research to the global community for free. Here is a perfect example which is applicable to the last blog and counter arguments to it. David Barber is a professor at the University of Manitoba and produces some information not many people actual know about the Arctic sea.

He provides secondary impacts of the melting sea ice including the opening of shipping lanes and polar bear population depletion, but, there are 5 other facts and implications (not mentioned in my blogs) many people didn't know about the consequences of shrinking Arctic sea ice.

Give this a watch and tell me what you think!


  1. Really interesting video James- David's point about invasive species in the ocean is something I've started to hear a lot more about recently. In the summer I remember reading a number of articles about the increasing numbers of jellyfish that are usually found in warmer oceans, washing up in the South of the UK

    1. I totally agree about the importance of invasive oceanic species. I remember this, I was down in Bournemouth and the beach was riddled with Jellyfish. But you do have to question if it was a one of ocean warming event? I guess only next summer we will truly find out!