Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Where are the "Pole-ice" when you need them!

Where’s the "Pole-ice" when you need them!

Polar bears .... are in danger!!
Photo and fact provided by Green Peace

This was a striking post made by a member of Green Peace and it really got me thinking if this fact was correct. I have always been concerned about human impacts on the Arctic, whether it’s for mineral exploitation, removal of indigenous tribes from their land or the stresses the melting icecaps are having on the daily lives of Arctic creatures. Yet with all these issues climate change and human activity is having on the Arctic, little seems to be being done to help slow down the impacts. I mean, after all, the only reason we are seeing these increased rates of Arctic change is arguably down to human impacts on the global system, but why is nothing being done about it?

This is why we need the “Pole-ice” to get involved, in which I’m referring to leading governing bodies and industries to take immediate action on a global scale to retard the production of harmful emissions and human activity in the Arctic which is inherently destroying these pristine habitats. Not only is the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases good for the Arctic biome, but for the global population themselves. Putting aside all the secondary effects of climate change, one primary issue which impacts everyone is the health issues associated with increased greenhouse gas emissions. It is predicted that if we don’t reduce our carbon emissions, 3,000,000 premature deaths may occur due to health issues by 2100.

So it’s not only the fluffy things which look like candy floss that are being affected, millions of people are affected every year by the changing climate. So I say again, where are the “Pole-ice” when you need them?


  1. I fully agree James. The Arctic need a local pole-ice team to help with this problem. Let's also hope that global governments get on board and work on reducing their greenhouse gases for the sake of the fluffy candy floss creatures.

    1. It appears to becoming accepted these days that something does need to be done, you just need to wonder if its too late for them?